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Algeria | Q3 2019 Oil and gas report

The Itri Insights quarterly oil and gas report provides a detailed analysis of the Algerian oil and gas industry, as well as an in-depth review of industry news and developments from the last quarter.

The report includes a forward-looking discussion of the industry trends that will shape Algeria’s oil and gas environment in the short, medium and long term, backed-up by ten-year forecasts.

Itri Insights combines the expertise of its local analysts with its in-house data and internal models to generate a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative picture of the Algerian oil and gas sector.

Our quarterly oil and gas reports include:

  • Historical and forecast figures for key industry indicators
  • Clear and in-depth analysis of regulatory and legislative developments including the new Hydrocarbons Law
  • A detailed presentation of the key oil and gas industry players and their respective roles
  • The latest oil and gas project developments across the whole country
  • The latest updates by industry sub-sector including upstream, midstream and downstream
  • A summary of import and export activity
  • Major oil and gas transactions and contract activity
  • Key executive appointments and strategic changes
  • And more…
The Itri Insights oil and gas report is specifically designed enable you to gain a full understanding of the issues and challenges facing investors in the Algerian oil and gas sector. Read the report to:
  • Identify the risks and opportunities in the upstream, midstream, downstream and trading oil and gas segments
  • Identify the key players in Algeria’s petroleum industry
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the oil and gas sector
  • Understand the Algerian oil and gas industry in its historical context
  • Identify investment opportunities in the oil and gas sector in Algeria

Note that Itri Insights can also design detailed tailor-made reports to suit your specific needs. This may include stakeholder mapping, competitive analyses, SWOT or PESTLE analyses and more.

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