We gather on-the-ground, reliable information from a variety of sources to provide you with actionable insights on a wide range of topics, companies and key stakeholders. From official documentation and financial statements to risk analysis, our toolkit of solutions and our network of experts enable us to track down the information you need to reach the right decisions.

Rapid research

We collect and condense all the information available through our internal databases and solutions as well as external sources. We can turn around research requests in anything from days to hours, depending on your needs.

Stakeholder mapping

We understand that business is about more than numbers, it’s also about people. This is why we have developed a full range of solutions aimed at helping you identify the right stakeholders for your projects. From simple executive profiles to exhaustive stakeholder maps, we provide you with the insights you need.

Due diligence

Our range of due diligence solutions is designed for your specific needs.

At the most basic level, we provide you with official documentation and financial statements. However, we also provide strategic company profiles or collect insightful information from our network of key stakeholders and experts.